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Yashasvi (Yaashi) is a Homeopathic consultant/educator from Mumbai India, Board certified by the Council for Homeopathic certification  as classical Homeopath in the US.  She is also registered with the North American society of Homeopaths, is a Homeoprophylaxis supervisor for the Free and Healthy Children International and a life time member of the National  center for Homeopathy.

 She has a special love for homeopathy and strives to empower educate and guide families looking for a safe effective alternate way to good health. The positive results from of a correctly prescribed homeopathic remedy never cease to amaze her. She feels blessed to have the trust of so many families and is grateful to have this opportunity to be able to put into practice what she has learnt over these 28 plus years.

She graduated from the Smt C.M.P Homeopathic Medical College affiliated to the University of Bombay, India in 1994 (B.H.M.S- Bachelor of Homeopathic medicine and Surgery) and has been practicing homeopathy ever since, specializing in family practice.

Yashasvi is a Homeopath and not an MD, and therefore patients must retain the services of a primary care physician for appropriate evaluations, diagnostics, check-ups and referrals to specialists if needed. Her relationship with her families is that of an educator not of prescriber. It is their choice to use or not use the information she gives them. As with anything that you use for yourself and your family you must research and find answers to all your queries. She works closely with doctors and nurse practitioners like Dr Diana Lopusny and Nicole Cabarro of Preferred Pediatrics as well holistic practitioners like Muneeza Akhtar,  Jeanette Dias and Dr.Risa Sloves  to complement the care they provide to families seeking an integrated approach to achieve optimal health.

She has trained under renowned Homeopathic physicians, Dr.Anil. Habbu and Dr.Ajit. Kulkarni who have been practicing Homeopathy in Mumbai for over 70 years now and see close to 300 patients on a daily basis successfully treating acute as well as chronic diseases. She is inspired by their dedication and commitment towards bringing Homeopathy to the masses.

Yashasvi is also inspired by Late Rai Bahadur Bishambar Das who founded a free Homeopathic Clinic in 1922 in New Delhi India and continued to serve the poor, sick and needy right until his death in 1965. The selfless Homeopathic doctors of the The Vishambar free Homeo Dispensary to this day continue the noble task started by Dr.Das

She is an active member of the National Centre of Homeopathy, and provides guidance to the members of Dr.Prem. Mital Homeopathic study Group headed by Cheri Bryant in Lower Fairfield County Connecticut. Cheri has singlehandedly managed to push her to use her knowledge, expertise and continue to pursue her quest for Homeopathic learning. She is the relentless driving force that has kept Yashasvi motivated on her Homeopathy journey. Thank you Cheri!


Yashasvi has been a volunteer EMT, since 2003, with  Westport Volunteer Emergency Medical  Service,  a volunteer organization affiliated with the Westport Police Department that provides staffing for the ambulance service in the shoreline community of Westport, Connecticut.They cover the ambulance shifts 7 days a week, 365 days a year from their headquarters located  in the downtown area.

She is also an American heart association CPR and First aid instructor with WVEMS, teaching classes in the community as well as helping train new instructors as a member of the WVEMS teaching faculty.

CCH RSHom(NA) EMT-B BHMS (Mumbai, India)

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