Pharmaceutical companies will soon rule the world if we keep letting them believe we are a happy, functional society so long as all the women are on Prozac, all children on Ritalin, and all men on Viagra. ~Terri Guillemets


Homeopathy is a holistic system of medicine that uses tiny doses of natural substances to stimulate the body’s own healing powers. Homeopathic medicines offer a safe and natural alternative cure to individuals seeking treatment. Health is the state of harmony in body and mind. Disturbance of harmony results in disease which is expressed in the form of signs and symptoms.

Homeopathic remedies are manufactured using natural substances which are tested on human volunteers, not animals. Medicines are manufactured without polluting our environment. They are effective, safe and inexpensive, with no harmful side-effects.

Homeopathic remedies are safe and nontoxic and can also be taken alongside other medication without producing unwanted side effects. They can be used by most every one, even babies, pregnant women and the elderly. It’s practically impossible to overdose on them. These remedies can be used by themselves to treat minor problems and can complement standard treatments in more serious medical problems.


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