I met Yashi a year ago and since then I am discovering an amazing world of Homeopathy. It is very gentle way of healing with no side effects (at least we have not experienced one). Now I can hardly imagine our lives without Homeopathy. Our first homeopathic remedy was given to our son when he was one year old and wasn’t gaining enough weight. I had to use only two doses of the remedy given by Yashi over 3 months and he started to eat well and thrive .Our other son that was just born is having gas pain/colic. I feel confident enough to give him remedies under Yashi’s supervision. I had used remedies myself while being pregnant and experienced severe poison ivy skin rush. Instead of taking corticoids I visited Yashi and my very irritating itching was gone in couple of days and the blisters started to fade out in another few days. We have been using remedies for colds, coughs, sinus infections, upset stomach, irritable bowl syndrome, injuries, poison ivy, etc. Yashi is very professional, responsive, knowledgeable and always there for you. Thank you Yashi for showing us other ways of healing body and soul!  Marie McHugh Westport CT 26th January 2010

Our friends introduced us to Yashi. We wanted an alternative approach to using drugs to deal with our son’s up-coming May allergy season. We were not comfortable with the steroid sprays the allergist wanted our then 5 year to take. For the first time in 2 years, our son has not been wrecked by the tree pollen and other allergens. This year has been just wonderful, no problems with breathing, extreme sneezing, painful eyes, and sleepless nights. Yashi performed wonders for Emanuel when he had a perforated eardrum and ended up with a very bad double ear infection. The infection was completely treated without the antibiotics our son refused to take. His infection went and did not return. The eardrum is completely healed. Our 6 year old son took to her little “sweet pills” much more readily than any conventional medicine, and surprisingly, his pain and fever was very well if not completely managed by the combination of homeopathic medicine. During the whole ordeal, we were in constant contact with Dr Yashi via email and phone calls. We would send regular updates on our son’s condition and she would send prompt responses with combination of remedies and dosages. If what you are experiencing is out of her realm, She is sure to let you know. I just prefer not to have these powerful drugs pumped into us if there is an alternative, just my take. Lip Lai Old Greenwich, CT. 7th August 2009

When you have a child and it is handed to you at the hospital you don’t realize what a great responsibility it is. As it grows so do you. Your knowledge grows with the age of your child and you find out what is good for them and what is not. Modern medicine has an answer to everything and it comes in the shape of a pill, a medicine bottle or an antibiotic. Nobody tells you what harm it might do to your child. You learn, you read, you talk… ….

As I have grown with my children I have learnt to use the Homeopathic remedies first instead of resorting to Motrin/Tylenol and other allopathic medicines .I have seen how quickly the kids respond to the remedies like Aconite Belladonna Arnica Hepar sulph Nux vomica. It has helped me get through common and uncommon health issues. There are no easy fixes in life and no guarantees. But Homeopathy is a form of medicine that I know for sure will not harm my children. And Dr. Yashi has administered this medicinal form with great diagnostic skill and restraint for my family . She guides me in the right direction every time, and it’s great to have her working with me and my pediatrician to keep my kids in optimum health.Tanushri Pandey Jacksonville Florida 18th May 2009

” I was diagnosed with shingles a few months back .There were eruptions and intense pain and burning in the area of the affected nerve .Slightest movement caused excruciating pain My doctor had given me Antiviral medication along with very strong pain killers (narcotics) .I wanted to cut down on the pain killers because after a point the painkillers were not helping much and were making me lethargic and dizzy .I was already taking natural Ayurvedic remedies and decided to try Homeopathy too .Remedies prescribed by Yashi really helped me to manage my pain better. I was taking Hypericum 200C for the nerve pain, Apis200c for the burning and later on She gave me the Bryonia in ascending potencies for the stiffness and pain on movement. Homeopathic remedies along with the Ayurvedic medicine definitely helped me in getting through this episode and minimizing the use of the narcotic pain medication.”Vikram Manjrekar -Lincoln MA 23rd March 2009

Homeopathy truly works!!!. I always believed in homeopathic treatments since it worked well for most of my childhood ailments. We were looking for the right Homeopath in CT for my little one who took antibiotics for repeated ear infections. We finally found Yashi a year back through one of our friends. Yashi explained to us that starting the right remedy in the right potency as soon the symptoms occur would give immediate relief . Most of the remedies we took were related to cold, fever, wheezing and cough. Also the Constitutional doses given monthly were very effective in boosting my kids’ immune system. I recovered from a sickness 3 months ago with the help of Yashi’s tremendous support even at 11 in the night. I cannot thank Yashi enough for her patience, support and immediate response to all the phone calls/emails. Thanks to the Homeopathic remedies, we have finally said good-bye to antibiotics and other allopathic cold medicines. S. Subramanian Norwalk CT 14th March 2009

Both of my children had the flu last month (2 weeks apart). They each had similar symptoms which ranged from: fever, sore throat, aches, headache stomachache and dizziness. Yashi recommended that I give them Belladonna (for the fever) and Hepar sulph (for the sore throat). They each had a few tough moments but got through with minimal complaints for the most part!!! Belladonna broke the fever a couple of times, or brought it down a degree or 2. The higher fevers required us to go up in dose with the Belladonna from 30C to 200C then 1000C. During this time I did have a moment when I felt the Belladonna wasn’t working fast enough with a high fever (104). But using a cool compress (and patience) did eventually bring the fever down. The important thing was that I felt they were getting through the fevers OK, they were never ethargic or anything, so I was able to work with it. This helped to keep the Motrin to a minimum (only at bedtime -3 days). By using the homeopathic remedies under Yashi’s guidance I was able to avoid Tami flu, they only had the flu symptoms for 4 days, and are doing great! Kathryn Kempa -Norwalk CT 5th March 2009

It wasn’t too long ago that I was introduced to Homeopathic medicines by Yashi. My experience is worth penning down not only in this testimonial but in my personal diary too. Three weeks back I fell sick with high fever and severe cough and cold, it was so bad that I could barely walk and talk, to make things worse both my children went down with high fever, cough and cold. I called Yashi so seek her medical aid. She suggested the remedies just right for the three of us. The affect of medicine was a bit slow initially but consistent. When my younger one relapsed with high fever Yashi wholeheartedly supported my decision to get the Pediatrician’s opinion to rule out any causes of the fever that we might be missing. My daughter was diagnosed with ear infection the third time in 4 months and the Pediatrician prescribed even a stronger dose of antibiotic for her . I was very apprehensive of giving her the antibiotic again . I went back to Yashi and she prescribed 2 remedies, one in the sweet pill form and one which we gave her in water every few hours. To my greatest surprise the fever came down to normal that very night without giving her “Anti-biotics” or Tylenol. I really appreciate the concern and care she has shown towards me and my children. I firmly believe that it is her personal attention, dedication, concern for her patients that works as a
strongest cure for all. Prachi Chaturvedi -Norwalk CT 1st March 2009

My son who is eight years old now had asthma since he was 3. He was on antibiotics at least every two months and inhalers every day .Two years back it came to an end. One of my best friends recommended Yashi and introduced me to wonderful world of Homeopathy. Since then I am a strong believer of Homeopathy.. Right now my son is not on inhalers any more and never had to take antibiotics even when he got severe asthma attack and congestion since starting the treatment. My son’s health has considerably improved. He is much active and happier now. I never thought Homeopathy will work such wonders for us. Yashi is a wonderful and skillful homeopath. Many times I am amazed with her dedication and caring. Now my second son who is 2 is also a patient of Yashi. Whenever my kids get sick first thing I do is to consult Yashi. Thank you Yashi for all the guidance and help and for giving me confidence to handle tough situations. Mini Bhushan Monterey CA 13th Feb 2009

Yashi first took care of my oldest daughter Lia when she was a preschooler. Lia was diagnosed with asthma at 19 months and was on a daily treatment of bronchodilators and steroids for it. Yashi gave her a monthly dose based on her symptoms and temperament, plus some remedies for me to keep at home for immediate relief in acute situations. By the time Lia was four all of her symptoms were gone. When my second daughter Caroline was five she had a resistant staph infection. There were big red pimples filled with pus and very painful. The antibiotic would clear it for a while but it just kept coming back. With the last eruption she went on three different antibiotics (each treatment was a little longer and the dosage a little stronger), with no success. As the doctor was about to put her on a fourth round of antibiotics I turned to Yashi for some help. She gave her a treatment for about two weeks and the pimples/boils were gone for good! We use her kit frequently and my kids love the little sugar balls, they call them Yashi’s candies! Vanessa Spear Redding CT 21st Jan 2009

I and my husband grew up on homeopathic treatments for various childhood ailments and have great faith in homeopathy. So, it wasn’t a surprise that as parents we decided to go the same route for our kids. Our first long-term encounter with homeopathy happened when our older daughter was diagnosed with Alopecia Areata, and auto-immune condition that attacks the body’s hair follicles. She lost almost all the hair on her scalp within 4 months of the diagnosis. We consulted another homeopath at first and she did help us tremendously. But there came a time when she threw up her hands and said “This is it. This is the end of the road – I don’t know how to treat her further”. That is when we turned to Yashi and she continued the treatment from where the first homeopath left it. Our daughter has recovered almost 95% from the dreadful condition and things seem extremely hopeful. Our younger daughter struggled with upset stomach and back-to-back ear infections. Thanks to Yashi’s constant help, she narrowly escaped having ear-tubes put in and is a lot healthier now. Yashi has a very professional attitude and is very competent in what she does. Our entire family depends on her for ailments ranging from coughs and colds to hypertension and Alopecia. Katira Family Norwalk CT 13th December  2008

Homeopathic medicines have been very helpful for me and my family. We use them for colds, coughs, fevers, upset stomachs, you name it.. I have been using the remedies since 2003 for myself and especially for my three children. My trips to the Pediatrician have gone down dramatically. Homeopathic remedies have not only helped us with all our minor illness but also healed injuries like sprained arms and ankles. I am thankful to God for Yashi because she is always there when were we need her. Even when I went to India I was able to call her from there and treat my son’s diarrhea and my skin ailment successfully. Wyclif Family Norwalk CT 1st December 2008

Homeopathy has benefited our 4 year old son and helped him develop immunity against common childhood illness. He hasn’t missed his school this year and his general health has greatly improved within the past few months. Recently He was diagnosed with ear infection and we were happy to see that he was cured via the homeopathic remedies and did not need antibiotics. We have used the remedies for ourselves as well as our daughter with success .Overall we have now come to believe that Homeopathy is the more robust treatment. Rawat Family Cincinnati Ohio 24th November 2008

“I believe in God and also I believe in Yashasvi. When a friend recommended me to Yashi a year ago, I was a bit skeptical. But a year later, I am glad I made that move. My son has always been a sickly child ever since he came out of my womb but the day I put him on Homeopathic medicines, is the day my life changed and his too. He has his occasional coughs now and then but nothing like the colds and coughs he used to have, before we started him on this meds. He used to be on a neubulizer but I have not used that in months. If you are wondering if this is the right path, it truly is…Don’t even think twice…She knows what to do and how to do it and one’s got to give her credit for it Amen. Ninorah Fernandes Brookshire, Rowayton CT. 11th Nov 2008

Yashi, as we know her, has shown remarkable compassion and professionalism since we met her several years ago. Every time we have asked her for help for an ailment afflicting one of our family members, she’s never failed to respond immediately with a homeopathic remedy. And without exception, the remedies have proven effective, without side effects. It’s clear that the well-being of others is what drives Yashi. We are fortunate indeed that she’s our friend and homeopathic doctor. The Cronin Family Norwalk CT 27th October 2007

My daughter, aged two and a half, has nuts and dairy allergy. She also has eczema and asthmatic problem. She was not eating well. We had beliefs in homeopathy and started treatment from Yashi a year and a half back. We see improvement in her eczema and her appetite is better. We will continue her treatment for dairy and nuts allergies as we have faith in her and homeopathy. We found Yashasvi very patient, responsible and caring. She is always available and may visit if need arises. She will promptly send out remedies  whenever a new remedy is needed. Neelu Bothra Fairfield CT 27th September 2007 

CCH RSHom(NA) EMT-B BHMS (Mumbai, India)

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